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COCO GOLD Farmhouse





COCO GOLD - The Highest Range of Coco Farmhouses around 2-Acres (9,680 Sq. Yds) about 100-200 persons of Capacity, Lush Green Garden & Cricket Ground with Proper Lightening in Night, Stage & Shady Huts, Swimming Pool, Snooker, Table Tennis Games etc & much more.

In_Surrounding / Nearby Details

  • Beautiful Village, Police Check-post, School, Hosp
  • Safe & Secure place (24 hours)
  • Complete Family Privacy in Separate Portion with B


Only 20 minutes drive from Soharab Goath & Airport, 4 km from Karachi Toll Plaza, 1 km from Wadi-e-Hussain Graveyard,
Mashallah Hotel's Street, Dumba Goath, Main Super Highway, Karachi.

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